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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Great News From Kenya!!!

We are returning to Canada in 6 days! We are counting down the days and we can’t wait to see you all as we travel around and visit with the various churches, businesses and individuals who are helping us accomplish our work here in Kenya!
A corner of Mission:180's land. This 1.5 acre piece has
the buildings on it.

BEFORE WE COME HOME…….We have some very exciting news about a very recent development here in Kenya. 

When we left Canada in December of 2010, we had some lofty goals and a list of things we wanted to see accomplished before we return in 2012.  When we set these goals, we had no idea how slowly things moved here in Kenya, or how tough it is to accomplish what would be simple tasks back in Canada.  
We will be sharing with you all in Canada about what we have accomplished here in Kenya, when we visit your churches, homes, and even workplaces over the next few months.  But I want to share with you all one REALLY BIG AND EXCITING piece of news!

Looking out towards the Ngong Hills and The Great Rift Valley. 

One of our big goals was to acquire land here for the purpose of building the children’s homes and community center.  A place of safety and blessing that would benefit the residents and the surrounding community.  Up until 4 weeks ago, we were planning to come home with that goal unreached. 
Out of the blue, Mission:180 has been GIVEN 6.5 hectares of land, or 16 acres! This land lies in an area of Kenya where we have actively been involved in doing 

relief work, as well as traditional Christian ministry.  It’s an area we love with people we love.  We will be working among the Massai there.  This land is valued at around 700,000 Canadian dollars.  It has a borehole (a well) and several buildings already on it. 

We are already giving back to that community where the land is, with a community water project.  Daily, 1000 people, and 1,500 animals are benefitting from clean healthy drinking water.  We have hired a local man to be our community liaison and water project manager. 

Some cattle, a very important part of Masai Culture, at the watering
trough that is apart of our community water project.
The Top of the Borehole
This is a part of Kenya we have always found beautiful.  The pictures do not do it justice.  To be given this land to conduct charitable work on is an incredible blessing.  To understand how significant this donation is, and how unheard of in Kenya , I will tell you that other missionaries are using the word “Miracle”, to describe it.

There is one small hiccup you may be able to help with.   We need $6,000 Canadian dollars to finalize the transfer documents, and have the land in our names.  This will make it possible for us to begin development as soon as we arrive back in Kenya early in August.

If you are able and willing, please click on the donate tab on this blog, and follow the directions to make a contribution through PAYPAL.  If that is not a way you want to donate, feel free to send a cheque to Mission:180, 1505 Jackson Ave. Saskatoon SK.  S7H 2N1. Just mark “land” on the memo line so we know you want the funds to go in that direction.  Any funds above the needed amount will go towards the development and maintenance of the property.

We are so grateful for your help! We cannot do this important work without you!

This panoramic shot shows the whole 16 acres.  From the buildings on the left, to the top right corner, this has been given to Mission:180 to make an IMPACT in Kenya!

The pinpoint is at about the 1/3 point of the whole property.  The whole rectangle, with the green buildings at the bottom, and the road at the top, this is the whole 16 acres!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hamper Delivery Dance.

This short video shows how happy the kids are when we show up with a hamper of food.  They love to see the camera, especially when we flip the viewfinder around for them to see themselves.  This is a real treat.