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Monday, 5 August 2013


Exciting News From Mission:180

Its been a long time coming, but after much work, much prayer, and much help from Canada, Mission:180's first of 12 Forever Homes is complete!

Mission:180's first completed "Forever Home".

We have stayed out there one night to get the feel of things and it was great. The house looks awesome, and everything works well.  It's the only house in the area with running water and that is fully wired for electricity. Of course, we are still waiting on the The Kenya Light and Power Company to deliver power to the property and that area in general, but we know it works because we have a generator! For now we run the generator in the evening till we go to sleep when we stay there.

We are so grateful to all of our supporters who partnered with us to make this home a reality! Thank-you feels like it rings hollow, because it cannot begin to express our gratitude!

The video below shows the journey from start to finish in the construction of House # 1, as well as makes brief mention of all those who gave towards the construction costs.

We are also working on furnishing the house. We have quotes from various furniture vendors and we have so far received just under half of the $5,000.00 we estimate it will cost to fully equip the house for childcare and habitation.  If you would like to help us get this house fully furnished, feel free to make a contribution through PAYPAL or by sending a cheque to our mailing address, 1505 Jackson Ave, Saskatoon SK, S7H 2N1. Just make a note either way to let us know that the funds are for furnishing the home!

One of the requirements to be able to open the doors and start functioning as a child care provider in Kenya is that we must have a social worker on staff.  After a long day of interviewing many good candidates we have hired the person we believe is best suited to this position. Meet Lucy! She comes to us with a great education, strong recommendations and years of experience as a social worker in children's homes in Kenya.
Lucy, Mission:180's first Social Worker

As we look to the near future, we are very excited as we see a dream and vision begin to take shape with more and more detail. We are very close to being able to rescue infants and children with extreme needs who desperately need the help and the family Mission:180 will be able to provide them because of the generous support of many Canadians who believe in this cause and mission!