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Thursday, 5 September 2013

House #2 Begins + New Staff And Great Progress!

We are beyond excited to announce that Mission:180's 2nd "Forever Home" has broken ground as of September 2nd! We are very excited to be able to begin this next phase of building for house #2.  Because all the funds are in place, the construction will start and finish in one push.  We estimate the building will be complete by late October, and depending on finances it will be furnished and ready for occupancy as early as mid November.
Thank goodness for diggers!
The hole is all dug up!
The rooms outlined in chalk to begin
the foundation work.

What does that mean for Mission:180 in Kenya?  It means that it is quite plausible to have as many as 16 children in our care at our big project, Mission:180's Children's Homes, known here in Canada as "Forever Homes" by mid December!

How can we accomplish this successfully?   First and foremost, Mission:180 is a faith based organisation, and we believe it is God's purpose for us to be here doing this work! So the only way we accomplish anything is with His help, provision and guidance. Secondly we accomplish all of these things with the help of people like you who pray for us as we work here in Kenya and those of you who give generously to this cause either by pledged giving or with one time contributions to projects and special needs when they arise. 

A quick overview from December 15, 2010 (the date we arrived in Kenya) until now!
We have worked hard to:
  • Gain our work visa's and "Alien Resident" status. 
  • To establish Mission:180 Ministries as a fully registered Non-Governmental Organisation in Kenya.  
  • We are now well into the process of acquiring our certification to become a registered children's charity in Kenya.   
  • We have acquired 16 acres of land beside the beautiful Ngong Hills on the edge of The Great Rift Valley. 
  • We have built 1 home and have secured the funding for the 2nd home.
  • We have established a community water project, where we provide clean and safe drinking water to 1,500 people and 3,500 animals EVERYDAY! 
  • We have established a long term sustainable food relief program we call "Hampers of Hope".
  •  And now finally we are ready to open the doors on the big reason we are here, which is to rescue abandoned infants and orphans from certain death and or a life of certain destitution and abject poverty and at the same time employ local widows redeeming them from a life of community dependence and poverty and giving them purpose and a place to belong. 

Meet The Kenya Field Team:
We are required to have a certain level of staffing to be able to provide long term child care. Not only do we need two staff on duty 24/7, 365 in each home we also need the following team members to make sure we are operating according to the rules and guidelines set out by the government ministry in charge of children's welfare in Kenya.

1. Social Worker: 
We have hired Lucy in a full time role. She brings 6 years of experience and and excellent education in the filed of Social Work to the team. She is a great team player with a pleasant demeanor, strong character and work ethic.
Lucy our very capable Social Worker
2. Nure and Health Care Manager:
We have hired Alice in a full time role as well. Alice has over 35 years experience in the field of nursing and comes to us with a bachelors degree as well as certificates in ongoing training and professional development. She is an overqualified and joy-filled addition to our team!  Alice will also be the house mother for house #1!
Alice the excellent and compassionate nurse!
Although not required, we know we need the following staff to make our work successful and healthy in Kenya.

1.On Site Directors: We have hired a husband and wife team, Simon and Agnes to work as our "on site" directors and managers. Their role is to manage the day to day operations of Mission:180's Children's Homes on the ground at the property.
Simon and Agnes, On Site Directors.
They are our eyes and ears there when we are not there and they work under the supervision of Jennifer and I to make sure policies are developed, implemented and adhered to while at the same time providing support and direction to the staff as needed around the clock because they actually live on the property. They will also be responsible for the spiritual care and well being as well as development of the children and staff. We have known Simon and Agnes since 2008, and we know them to be people of deep faith, high integrity, and they have a real love for children!

Jeremy and Jason at the gate of our property in Kenya.  

2. Water Project Manager & Community Liaison: Jeremy manages the water project and maintains the borehole (well) and the generator.  He also serves as our direct connection to the local Maasai community, ensuring we have a good and healthy relationship with our wonderful community and that they feel attached to and a part of our project. He connects us with the community leaders and that is how we are able to make sure our food relief program, "Hampers of Hope", is helping the most needy people in the community.
Jeremy has four years of post secondary education
in the fields of project management and community development and also in nursing. He is an outgoing, friendly and skilled communicator.

These are truly exciting times for Mission:180 in Kenya. We are about to see a dream come into reality, and we are about to begin bringing help, literally life and hope for a future to some of the most needy people, not only in Kenya, but in the world in general.

We can't do this without your help!! Thank-you so much for being a part of team Mission:180! You can continue to help in several ways:

1. Like us on Facebook!  (that was easy)

2. Tell people about Mission:180 and our work, even direct them to our website and this blog.

3. If you don't already do so, consider sponsoring our work financially.  You can give to our general budget or you can help sponsor a "House-Mom" or sponsor a child. Sponsorship's are broken up into four (4) $40.00 per month increments.  The actual cost to keep a child in residential care in Kenya is around $160.00 per month. So that means that you will be sharing your sponsored child with 3 others.  You can be a part of our pledged monthly giving through Paypal or through your bank account.  Send us an email,, or and we will get you started.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and for staying connected and informed about Mission:180.  We are so grateful for all the support and encouragement we receive from our friends and family back in Canada.  this literally makes it possible for us to continue our work in Kenya.