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Sunday, 17 February 2013

February 2013

Jennifer and a young widow and one of her 8 children.
She was thrilled to receive a gift of food that day.
Hello friends and followers of Mission:180 and the Sheppard's in Kenya.
It's been just over a month since we last posted and it's time for an update on what is happening and what we have been up to!

Our latest dwelling place! We like it!
Since our last post we have experienced some significant changes in our living arrangements. We have moved, or as our friends here in Kenya put it, we have "shifted". The home we lived in for one year had significant issues, a big one being the very leaky roof. Consequently the home developed black mold and this was making us sick. Another issue was poor security on the perimeter of the yard. This was making us increasingly uncomfortable as we approach a time of uncertainty and historically unstable national elections. So we made the move to a safer, newer home.  It was a tough decision but one we had to make.

The driveway with our two tough SUV's. 
As we cruise into 2013, this first month and a half has been filled with one of my favourite things......paperwork! Let's be honest and get real here, without Jennifer's brains the numbers would never get crunched. In frequent communication with our Canadian team-mate Nancy, Jennifer has poured hours into the fiscal year end and organizing files and pictures and hamper reports etc. I am so grateful for a partner in life and ministry who is so gifted in the things that make me dizzy!

As well as all of that, we are in the looooooong process of getting Mission:180 registered as an International NGO in Kenya. ("NGO" stands for "Non-Governmental Organization"). This is a very important step for us here as it makes Mission:180 a recognized legal entity with an identity in Kenya.
Some new friends from Canada who came along to
help one day.  Thanks Randy and Cathy!

New shoes! A BIG deal!
In the midst of these things we continue to operate our food relief program "Hampers of Hope". While the Christmas season is the busiest time of year for this program, we offer this program all year long.  The needs never go away and many of you continue to give towards this program throughout the year for special occasions and gifts for friends and loved ones.

To those of you reading this who already regularly contribute to our work in Kenya, we want to say again how grateful we are for your continued support. Without your generosity, we cannot do what we do. To everyone who donates to the programs and special projects, we say thank-you!

For us it's a major honor and privilege to live and serve in Kenya. The needs are huge, and the sheer size of the poverty and destitution is often overwhelming.  When it starts to seem like sooooo much, that's when we remind ourselves of our own motto, "Impacting One Life At A Time", and we press on doing what we can with what we have! Thanks for the part you play in helping us do what we do!

Delivering more than just food, that's why we call them
"Hampers Of Hope"