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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Mission:180 celebrates 1 year anniversary, a new rescued infant and our our hamper program options

The blue house is the first built, followed by the yellow one.
The other two are 95% complete right now.
Just waiting for some paint!
What a momentous time for us at Mission:180 here in Kenya. We have been very busy since our return in August.  We have seen the construction of 2 new Children's Homes thanks to some generous and committed donors in Saskatchewan.  We have built an enclosure for a dairy cow, which we are on the verge of purchasing, and we have a large chicken coop that will soon be full of hens-a-laying! We have taken the garden from approximately 1/8 of an acre to a full acre and hired a full time farmer!  We have also seen our staff increase to 15 full time employees!  The goal in all of this progress and development is to create a self sustaining facility.  None of this progress that we are experiencing is possible without the generous contributions of our supporters.  It is so humbling for us to have all of you behind us and believing in us and the work we are called here to do. Thank-You hardly scratches the surface of the gratitude we feel!

This past October 17th we celebrated the one year anniversary of Mission:180's children's homes!
Celebrating Mission:180's Children's Homes
1st Anniversary!
Many of the staff were on hand for the celebration!
It has been a full year since we received our approval from the government of Kenya to rescue and care for these precious babies. What a year it has been.   Of course our one year anniversary also coincides with the first birthday of Marjorie,
Marjorie looking festive at her birthday celebration!
the first baby we had the privilege of rescuing. Marjorie has been part of the Mission:180 family since the day of her birth, and she has a firm hold on the hearts of all who know her. What an angel! Since that first day, until as recently as this past Wednesday morning, we have been taking in new babies. We now have 8 in residence. The story of our most recent rescue appears a little further down in this

Meet Baby Raymond!!
Baby Raymond. A very happy and very tiny little guy! What an
honor to be chosen care for these little ones.
This past Wednesday we were asked to pick up a baby boy from a local hospital. He has been dropped off there by the police after he was found thrown away on the side of the road in a very busy market area in Nairobi. He was 8 days old when we picked him up. He weighs in at 2.4 kilo's or just over 5 pounds. He is extremely cute and feels so tiny in your arms when you hold him. I went to the hospital to pick him up, and as always that experience alone was overwhelming. It is not a good place for anyone, especially an abandoned baby. This particular hospital has a notorious reputation for patient neglect, and what I saw there only served to confirm this.
Baby Raymond is now happy, well fed and receiving much one on one love and attention thanks to our loving and dedicated staff. These rescues are only possible because of your kind and generous financial support. Thank-you to all of you who are regular supporters. If you do not already make a pledged monthly contribution to the work of Mission:180, please consider signing up. We need your help. The costs keep increasing, and we need to see the income match it.

Hamper News:
This year we have 3 options:
1.  Baby Formula / Food Hamper
Essential supplies for the babies in the Children's Homes!
For a donation of $40.00 you can provide one of our children’s homes with 3 cans of infant formula as well as 4 packages of infant cereal. If you would like to purchase a Baby Formula / Food Hamper please email Jennifer at for more information.

2. Mission:180 Children's Home Hamper
Food items to feed the children and staff in one of Mission:180's
Children's Homes
For a donation of $50.00 you can provide one of our children’s homes with enough food for the children and staff for about one week. We currently have 8 children in full time care plus 9 full time employees that work around the clock to take care of the children. We expect our number of children in full time care as well as our number of staff to increase considerably in the coming year. If you would like to purchase a Mission:180 Children’s Home Hamper please email Jennifer at for more information.

3. Hampers of Hope.
The contents of a Hamper Of Hope!

For a donation of $70.00 you will provide 133 lbs of staple food to a very needy family in Kenya. Mission:180 works with local leaders and pastors who connect us to the neediest people and then we personally deliver each and every hamper. We will provide each donor in Canada with some pictures of the delivery and a short bio on the family that received your hamper. The deadline to sign up for a Hamper of Hope is fast approaching. You only have until November 15th to participate.  Please email Jennifer at for further details on how to sign up.

Joshua came to me today with a bible verse he has decided he really likes. I want to close this post by sharing it with you. It is  very appropriate. When you partner with Mission:180, you are doing what this passage says we should be doing. Thank-you So much for your part in what we do!

Isaiah 58:10-11 from the New Living Translation.
  10  Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.
11 11 The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.