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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Awesome guests from Canada, and When It Rains It Pours......

June 11 2013

This is a two part newsletter/blog.

Part 1. Awesome Guests From Canada: 
Its like Christmas when guests arrive, they bring treats
from Canada!
I had the privilege recently of going to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to pick up three young ladies from Saskatoon who used to attend the youth group I pastored. This does my heart good! What a joy to see them, to hear how they are doing, and to watch them in action as they work along side us in this ministry to very needy Kenyan families.

Day one its straight to work!

And work we have! These amazing young ladies raised funds for over 80 "Hampers Of Hope". We have put them to work getting the materials, putting them together, loading them into the vehicles, and then very very long days of driving out in the back country off roading to deliver them. Last week we logged over 60 hours of work in a 5 day week.  So, its not all fun and games, but it is fun! These ladies have a strong work ethic, and amazing compassion for the people we minister to. Their visit not only helps us do our work, they have encouraged us and put new and strong wind into our tired sails!
Hamper ingredients now fully sorted!
We work hard around here!

Jennifer with one of the many many children we
 encounter every day. 

Part 2. A & B. When It Rains....It Pours! 
A.Here comes the Rain.
On Sunday, June 2nd, we got up and got ready for church. We had a very busy day planned. First church, then a quick lunch on the way to drop Joshua off at youth camp, followed by shopping for more "Hamper Of Hope" deliveries.
 Then we had very busy week planned, one that required two vehicles to accomplish all of our tasks.
We left the house at 9:45 am. and headed for church. 5 minutes into that drive, we had a major collision with another vehicle. I was forced off the road at approx. 50 KM per hour, narrowly missing a "Duka" (roadside shop), and completely wiped out a power pole. Thankfully,no one was hurt in either vehicle, nor were there any pedestrians hurt. The elderly German lady explained her actions this way. "Normally I look that way before I come out onto the road, but today is Sunday and I decided not to look."  Seems logical to me.
Waiting for the police. We pay for roadside
security for times just like this!
I had to bend some pieces by hand
to make it drivable.
Front end damage! See where we hit
 the Mercedes?
After making sure everyone was okay, we contacted our security provider to come and keep watch over us while we waited for the police. Not long after the impact, the "ambulance chasers" came out of the wood work. Some young thugs with clubs approached our vehicle and demanded we take a university aged girl to hospital, claiming we had hit her and hurt her. Neither vehicle in this accident came anywhere near her or any pedestrians.  I had already spoken to her, and she told me and our security team that she was fine, uninjured and well. We dealt with the thugs, and kept waiting.
Where we hit the power pole after hitting the
other car.
After about an hour the police finally made it to the scene. They took stock of things, immediately saw the fault was with the other driver, (this dear, poor old lady was very shaken up, I felt really bad for her), and arranged to have the vehicles moved. No sooner had the police arrived, when low and behold, the young lady who was uninjured moments before developed a severe limp and claimed to have "internal" injuries. Her Aunt had arrived, and was coaching her in how to get money out of foreigners. This is one foreigner who was paying nothing!!! The Auntie came over to me and actually said with a Cheshire grin on her face, "She is a university student, and now YOU are going to pay for her schooling"!!! Welcome to Kenya! What a fiasco. Long story short, eventually her mother showed up and forced her to be honest. But not before causing us some major inconvenience.
Now the insurance battle ensues!!! These are the times when Canada is missed the most!

B. That part was just the rain, now for the pouring rain.
On Monday we headed out to deliver more "Hampers Of Hope", out in the Rift Valley close to our bigger project located at Kona Baridi. We had a great day, and all was going well.
The picture doesn't do it justice, I am about to drive through
a steep dried river bed.

This is one tough Toyota. But this country, and our work
is really hard on vehicles!
 We were finished our work and heading home, up a steep twisty road, when out of nowhere the engine on our Toyota Hilux Surf died! Gave up the ghost! Not revive-able! Toast. Kaput-ski! Dead as a door nail! Kabissa! Taking quick stock of the situation, I sent Jennifer and the ladies back to Nairobi while I waited for a rescue vehicle to come and tow my poor Toyota to our trusted shop back in town. I waited. I called KAA (Kenya Auto-mobile Association) a number of times, the sun went down (not a good scenario), and I waited some more. This started at 3:00. I did not get home till 10:00 pm. Good times! I got the report from our mechanic the next day. The entire engine has to be rebuilt. When it rains, it pours. Here in Kenya, it rains harder than anywhere I have ever been.   Both literally and figuratively.

Having said all of that, things are going well here in Nairobi and beyond as we serve the poorest of the poor people of Kenya. We are not deterred by the above mentioned events. Its just stuff, God provided it, and He will take of the details.  He always does.
Rather we are encouraged by the progress we have been able to make. Its only through God's direction, and the prayers of you our co-workers in Canada and beyond that we are able to do anything.  We give Him all the Glory.
Your continued encouraging emails, your Facebook comments and the way you share about our work on Facebook and other social media, (or even over coffee at Tim's or Stars), and your continued response to our work with your generous financial contributions, all of these things encourage us and keep us going.

If you feel so compelled, these recent vehicle "incidents", have caused some tension in the budget department, and we could use some help! We have incurred an extra $5000.00 above what we expected for vehicle maintenance and repairs. If you feel led to help us, we would be very grateful. Either by cheque or PayPal, or, just mark somehow that this is a special gift for Mission:180's vehicle situation.

Thanks for all your help, thanks for keeping up with us on the Blog and Facebook! We cant do this without you, and we wouldn't want to!