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Monday, 29 April 2013

Here is a short video about Mission:180's 
main project in Kenya, our forever homes!

Monday, 22 April 2013


It's been several weeks but it's time for some news about Mission:180 Kenya.  Two very exciting events have taken place over the past several weeks and we want to let you know all about it! Then a little bit of news about the past month and a half.

First, here is our REALLY BIG NEWS!!!

The exterior as it appears right now.
Stay tuned for an update in a few weeks!
Bus Driver......move that bus!
1. Two weeks ago Mission:180 received one of our largest single donations to date, $22,000.00 specifically earmarked for the completion of House #1! It was the exact amount we needed to make House #1 ready to move in to!  We are so encouraged and blessed by outpourings of generosity like this as people back home in Canada respond to the needs here and Mission:180's work towards addressing those needs. Construction has resumed, and the finishing work has  begun.  Wiring the house for electricity, plumbing, tiling, interior painting, exterior painting, etc.  
The finishing work on the interior is

We were on the property today choosing paint colors and tiling for back-splashes and flooring.  Its very exciting to be able to move forward with the final push. Now that the first house will be complete soon we are also beginning the task of furnishing and staffing the home so we can be ready to rescue abandoned infants.

2. On April 18 we received the following e-mail.  Here's an excerpt: 
"I am pleased to inform you that the NGO's Co-ordination Board has approved the application for registration of "Mission:180 Ministries" as an NGO."
We have been involved in an almost year long process to get this designation here in Kenya! In case you don't know, NGO stands for "Non-Governmental Organization". We are now a fully registered international charity in Kenya. This is a BIG deal and a major accomplishment! We are very happy to have reached this milestone in our work here in Kenya!
Our certificate of registration as an
International NGO.

Of course, every milestone of growth comes with work! More details to be covered, more steps to be taken, and forward momentum to be maintained!
This now makes Mission:180 a legal entity in Kenya.  It gives us the ability to bank and carry out other essential business transactions here.  It also makes it possible for us to begin the long process of becoming a registered child care provider.

All this good news puts more wind in our sails and encourages us to push on with all that we are called to Kenya to accomplish!

A quick word about our financial situation:  We have been experiencing some significant increases in our general budget expenses.  Growth, as it turns out, is expensive! We need to quickly find another $1,000.00 per month in pledged giving to even out the budget and stay out of the red! If you don't already support Mission:180's general budget with a monthly pledged amount, would you consider making a pledge? Our general budget is what keeps us moving and allows us to remain in Kenya doing what we do! Without it, we can't continue at the pace and size we are currently doing things. If you want to make a one time donation, that is always gratefully accepted as well. To give via Paypal please see the link on this page.  To give by automatically debiting your bank account, please email me at the following address,, and I will help you get that set up.

A little bit the last two months for Mission:180 in Kenya:

President Uhuru Kenyatta.  His name
means "freedom".

March was a momentous and historic month for the nation of Kenya. They have elected their fourth president since becoming a nation.  Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya's first president, Jomo Kenyatta, was elected by a very narrow margin. 50.07% to be precise. His main opponent contested the vote, suggesting ballot rigging and poor counting.  It went directly to the supreme court, where the election results were deemed to be accurate and the new president was inaugurated several days later. It was a tense time here and all expats (foreigners) were prepared for violence and major service disruptions.  Thankfully peace ruled the day, with some minor exceptions.  The new constitution was put to the test, and from the outside looking in, all seems to have worked out.  It is now back to business as usual here in Kenya.

An upside down Matatu, a 14
passenger public transit bus.  He tried
to cross a washed out bridge, the results
were deadly.
We are now in the season known as the "long rains".  It's an appropriate title! It rains every day, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.  But it POURS every night! As of this writing, 63 people have died in flooding and landslides.  Many in vehicles washed away as Matatu (public service vehicles, 14 passenger buses) drivers will do anything to keep moving and make money.  This week Kenya power has received 208,000 complaints of power outages which is up from 94,000 this time last year. We have had power outages every night. The lights flicker and we all know what is about to happen.  Our longest stretch without power at one time so far this rainy season was 36 hours. We are blessed to have a solar back-up system that will power the whole house for 6-8 hours at a time. If that fails, we have a gas generator.  However, gas is not free, sunshine (when you can get it) is, so we have to ration the generator use!

Throughout all this we have been working on our various projects. We have been delivering "Hampers of Hope", our food relief program, running our community water project and we have been busy with meetings, staffing issues, fundraising (it never ends), and dealing with the bureaucracy that is the Kenya Government.

Once again we want to say thanks to all who encourage us and to those who give generously to the work we are doing.  Without you we can't keep going.  THANK-YOU!!!