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Thursday, 30 January 2014

And Then There Were Three.....

It is with a great deal of excitement that we announce the arrival of Ashley and Connor to Mission:180's Children's Home!

Today, Jennifer and I, with Jennifer's Mom and Dad along for the ride, picked up these precious little 4 month old fraternal twins.
Ashley and Connor after just arriving at Mission;180's
Children's Home in Kona Baridi.

Ashley and Connor were born in hospital to a very ill, HIV Positive, unemployed, homeless mother. She lapsed into a coma upon delivery of her babies, and has yet to regain her health. We are told it is highly unlikely that this single mother who resides in Kibera and sleeps wherever she can will ever get her children back. She also has other children who have been relocated to other parts of Kenya.
Ashley checking out her new digs.
Her story is a tragic one, and unfortunately easily repeated a thousand times over every day in Kenya. With the cooperation of "Doctors Without Borders" and at the request of the Government of Kenya's Children's Ministry, we have agreed to take these two precious little people into our care.
Connor slept the whole way in the
car from Nairobi, but he arrived
While we cant know for how long, it is likely to be for a good long while. As long as they are with us, they will be loved and cared for, and treated as a part of the Mission:180 Family!

Along with Marjorie, who is now 3 months old, we have three infants in full time care. We are in the process of interviewing more staff, so that we are equipped to handle more and more of these precious little people! We currently have 3 other children waiting for us to be ready to take them in.
Marjorie is thriving and growing
under the care and love of our dedicated
staff. She is now getting to know her
new roommates!

Please keep us in your prayers as we work towards expanding our capabilities to care for more children.

Mission:180 is not able to do what we do here in Kenya without the help of people like you. To all those who support us regularly and occasionally, we want to say once again, THANK-YOU!!! If you have never made a contribution to our work, we invite you to consider becoming a part of a team that is really making an IMPACT, one life at a time! To contribute to Mission:180, you can click the "donate" button on this page to contribute through PayPal. To make a regular monthly contribution through PayPal, click on the "subscribe" button and follow the directions.  If PayPal does not appeal to you, drop us an email and we will help you get set up with direct withdrawal from your chequing account to Mission:180's.  We need the help and financial partnership of people like you to keep this important work moving forward!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Out with the old, in with the new, Happy New Year from Mission:180

January 22, 2014

Another year has come and gone! Just like most of you, we here at Mission:180 use this changing of the calendar year to take stock, to evaluate and to reminisce about the year gone by. We also take some time to look forward with anticipation at what 2014 might look like.  We make some goals, we commit to not repeat the mistakes of 2013, and we push forward with the calling that brought us to Kenya over 3 years ago.

Something that remains the same from year to year for us is the deep appreciation we have for the support and partnership of our Canadian Friends and Family. Without your help, the financial support, the words of encouragement, the visits to Kenya, Skype calls, emails etc, we could not continue to do what we do! Above all, we are so thankful for your prayers for us. 

Here are some of our highlights from 2013:
  • Completion of two infant rescue homes on our property at Kona Baridi.
    Completed house 1 and 2. The blue house is called
    Sailoji House, and the yellow house is called
    Koko's House, (Koko means grandma in the Masaai language).

  • Complete furnishing of house 1, called Sailoji House.
  • Purchase and construction of a guest cottage on the property.
  • Registration as an International NGO in Kenya, (Non-governmental Organization).
  • Approval as a registered children’s charity in Kenya.
  • Our Kenyan team has grown. We now employ 9 people in various capacities including a social worker, on sight managers for Mission:180’s Children’s Homes, a community liaison and water project manager to name a few.
  • We hosted 18 guests from Canada! A real highlight for us, we love when you come to see and participate in what we are doing with your support!
  • The rescue of our first abandoned infant. Marjorie came to us 4 hours old, in need of food, clothing, a bath and some tender loving care.  She is thriving and is now 3 months old.
  • Our very Precious Little Gift!
    Merry Christmas Miss Marjorie

  • We delivered   373 “Hampers of Hope”, for a total of 51, 809 pounds of desperately needed food.
    One of the many needy families 
    to receive a Hamper Of Hope

        Can You See the Road?
      The Driving is challenging but fun!

      Steep inclines on very bumpy roads!
  • We provided water for approximately 1,500 people and 3,500 animals every day throughout the year.
As we push forward into 2014, we have a sense of excitement,  high hopes and great expectations!  If I had one motto for this year, and perhaps for the rest of my life, it may be this: "Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God." Quite literally, obstacles become opportunity with God in the picture! There is no limit to what we can accomplish as we follow hard after His plans!

Here is a list of some of our hopes and dreams for this year:
  • Rescue more abandoned infants giving them safe and happy futures! 
  • Deliver even more "Hampers of Hope" to needy families in Kenya.
  • Continue and maybe even expand our Community Water Project.
  • Hire more Kenya staff as we grow Mission:180's Children's Homes.
  • Expand the infrastructure on the property where the projects are located by bringing electricity and possibly one or two more Children's Homes!
Joshua and some Maasai Friends!

Thank you so much for your support in 2013 and before. We are so very grateful for your generous support, and we look forward to moving ahead together with you in 2014 and beyond!
If you have any questions, or if you would like to inquire about coming to see your generosity in action, please don’t hesitate to email either Jennifer or Jason.  Our email addresses are:, and .

With sincere Gratitude,

Jason, Jennifer, Joshua and the whole Mission:180 team in Canada and Kenya.