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Thursday, 24 April 2014

And Then there Were 5!

Meet Baby Moses!
Today was a very long day. I was up at 5:00 A.M. and I did not get home till 7:30 P.M. I had to go to court with Marjorie, our very first Infant rescue. When an infant is abandoned, the courts put them in care for a 6 month period while the police do an investigation and search for the mother and or a living relative. After this 6 months, we have to go back to court to see what they want to do next, what the plan is for each child. It was a nerve wracking morning, not really knowing what would happen with Marjorie. Things did not happen at all.  We were told to come back on May 8.

On the way out of court, we were chatting with our district children's officer.  She asked us if we could take another baby. We said a resounding YES! I had no idea when I left the house today that we would be rescuing another infant.  We were introduced to Baby Moses. His mother tried to sell him!  Here is his story, a clipping from one of the national papers, called "The Nation".

When his mother met with the children's officer and undercover police, whom she thought were the buyers, she was carrying Moses in a plastic shopping bag. He is underweight, and its a miracle he survived his first 3 weeks of life spent with his birth mother.  She fed him water with added sugar and salt. 
He is soooo tiny, and very cute! What an awesome privilege to be a part of God's plan for
these precious little lives!

It's too bad you can't hear a picture! He was screaming! He is very light, because he
quite malnourished.
When you partner with Mission:180, you help us rescue and raise these precious little ones. We know what happens if they are not rescued. We thank you for helping us give them a chance to make it. We know God has a plan for each one, and your generosity is a part of the plan!