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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

And Then there Were 6! Meet Baby Robert Andrew Bahati

Hello Friends and Supporters of Mission:180
On May 9, we landed in Saskatoon after a long journey that took us from Nairobi, to Istanbul Turkey, through Chicago and finally back to Mission:180's headquarters in Saskatoon. We landed to a blustery cold night of +3. That is the coldest temperature we have felt since December 2010! Since May 25 Jennifer, Joshua Jacqueline and I  have traveled more than 8000 km by mini-van, not to mention air and ferry travel! We have presented Mission:180's work in 7 churches on 7 different Sundays, hosted our semi annual Silent Auction and Info Night, presented in businesses and to informal groups in homes. We have slept in different beds almost every night. Its been pretty much non-stop travel and a routine of set-up, share, take down, and then do it again and again! It is a tough schedule, and we are far from done. We return home to Kenya on August 6. As difficult and demanding as it is, we do it all because of little guys like Robert Andrew Bahati.

Last week we got a call about a baby boy who had been abandoned in the woods. The police were called to the scene where a baby boy had been abandoned. He was found naked, bruised, and covered in ants. It is suspected that he spent his first 24 hours alone on the forest floor. He was rushed to hospital in what doctors called "rough shape". He spent seven weeks in the hospital, and then Mission:180 was asked to take him in.
This is exactly why we are in Kenya, To rescue these little ones who are completely unable to care for themselves. What an honor to be able to love these babies!
Robert Andrew Bahati

A happy little boy!

All bundled up and cozy!

Without the help of generous supporters like you, we cannot do what we do! Please accept our thanks for your support.

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Thanks again, for making it possible for Mission:180 to do the important work we do in Kenya!